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E V E N T S 

The Events Committee is the Social Arm of Nexus. Active Members in the Events Committee focus on planning and organizing the social events held by Nexus throughout the year. These events are meticulously planned and are catered to the members of the Association. These include, but are not limited to, The Summer and Winter Galas. Through this the Committee ensures that the RUG experience of members is a memorable one. 

Members 2022-23


Eva O'Neill Shirley


Richard Patassy

Nina Kubicová

Inès Lopèz Abad

Sofia Gritti

Hanh Trang Chu (NP)


 D E B A T E


Members 2022-23


Nour Taki


Franciszek Zowczak

Abdullah Israr

Maksymilian Murawski

Raluca Stefani

Calie Basset

Maria Ptaszek

Alexia Birgersson (NP)

Peter Čapkovič (NP)


The Nexus Debate Committee is committed to ensuring that members and non-members alike can better their argumentation, public-speaking and debating skills. The Committee organizes 'Debate Club' - a weekly seminar where participants get educated about forms and styles of debating; and practice what they are learning. Furthermore, the Committee is also responsible for organizing Moot Courts that enable aspiring lawyers to practice their craft while utilizing their knowledge.  

S O C I A L  S U P P O R T 

The Social Support Committee, prides itself in being the point of contact for those who are in need of help. Its members focus on being present at a time of need for their fellow students. The Committee ensures that any student going through a tough time while at the RUG has a net of support they can rely on. Through its 'Buddy Program' the Committee tries to maintain a system of support for their fellow students. 

Members 2022-23



Lucija Lubina (left)


C O M M U N I C A T I O N S   &  M E D I A

Members 2022-23



Kalina Hristova


Emmelotte Roeloffs

Andreea Pop

Mariam Ibrahim


The Communications and Media Committee focuses on ensuring that members are duly informed of anything planned by the Association. As such members of the Committee ensure the smooth flow of information, primarily through social media, between Nexus and its members. They work on the Nexus Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The Committee is also tasked with ensuring that Nexus Events, Coferences, and Moot Courts, among others, are photographed and advertised.

C A R E E R S & C O N F E R E N C E S 

The Careers and Conferences Committee is determined on bridging the gaps between students and their future employers. The Committee plans, organizes and executes Conferences that aim to inform members about opportunities; such as internships. The aim of the Committee is to ensure that members are well-informed about the expectations and functioning of the professional world once they move on from their studies.

Members 2022-23




Nina Kubicová

Fathan Khoiry Latief

Anca-Ana Sampetrean


J O U R N A L 

Members 2022-23



Martyna Hanak


Frouke Minkema

Lia Suru

Maria Hadjiiona

Abigail Shanahan


The Journal Committee is responsible for the Nexus Journal as well as the Nexus Newsletter. Through the former they ensure that students, are informed about geopolitical environmental and legal topics occurring around them. This involves researching, writing and publishing Journal, entries at the end of every block. Through the Newsletter the Committee ensures that members are aware and informed about important occurrences, the outcome of Nexus events and much more in a more brief and frequent manner.

A C A D E M I C 

The Academic Committee is resolute in its support of members (and also non-members) through their academic journeys. To this end the Committee ensures that informative and useful notes are available for purchase for members to be used as a supplement to the course information provided to them by the RUG. Furthermore, the Committee also organizes crash courses at the end of every block, that help students revise the content taught in that block. Additionally, they are responsible for entering into contracts with note-takers.

Members 2022-23



Elvira Pescu


Alexandru Codita

Ioana Butulescu

Luana Macovei


A U D I T O R S 


MEMBERS 2022-23

Aman Ritzmann

Aiden O'Connell

The Auditors are a Committee comprised of students that are nominally independent of the Association. They function autonomously of any directive from the Board, and provide the Board with an audit of the Association's finances. As such they ensure that the Association has not gone overbudget and enable the financially-sustainable running of Nexus

P O D C A S T 

The Podcast Committee is responsible primarily for the production of the Nexus Podcast. They ensure that, if inclined, members can lend an ear to interesting geopolitical, environmental and current affairs discussions that have a legal aspect to them. The Committee focuses on researching any topics at hand, and then engaging in explorative and meaningful discussions about them with experts (such as Professors etc.). Therefore, they produce content of an auditory nature for the Association.


*photograph unavailable*

J F V x N E X U S  J O I N T  A C T I V I T Y C O M M I T T E E 


*photograph unavailable*

The Joint Activity Committee between the JFV and the Nexus Student Association, is a new committee created in 2023; that will aim to integrate Dutch and International students of the Faculty of Law better. The intention behind this move is to ensure a more unified student experience for all RUG students. 

All photos by Kevin Simmons

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