Become an Active Member of the most international study association within the University of Groningen's Faculty of Law by joining one of our Committees! Send in your CV and Motivational Letter for Active Membership to!

1. Academic

The Academic Committee endeavours to prepare Nexus members adequately and efficiently for exams. We ensure notes are written and prepared to facilitate your revision period. We have a team of highly skilled tutors offering both individual and group sessions throughout the duration of the academic year. Our crash courses, also bring students of expertise to refresh your knowledge - giving you the necessary tips to smash your exams!

2. Events

The Events Committee is dedicated to the integration of Nexus Members outside of the scholar environment, providing exciting experience for all Nexus Members. The activities committee is primarily responsible for organising a monthly event at one of partnered sponsors.

3. Debate

The Debate Committee is devoted to organising different debating events and training students of all abilities an enjoyable way of developing their oracy skills. The captivating and controversial topics not only stir fantastic discussions amongst our members – they are also a means to improve critical thinking and confident communication. Throughout 2020/2021 our debate committee organised a fantastic Moot Court, which stimulates a court hearing, facilitating Nexus Members with a closer insight into trial proceedings.

4. Careers & Technology

Our committee focuses on academic and career related event. We organise an annual Conference, enabling our members to have an opportunity to network, debate and engage in research surrounding the latest legal topics. Another crucial role of the Career & Technology committee is actively participating in Careers month hosted by the University, by inviting prominent guest speakers. Our guests offer presentations, workshops, or talks about their legal careers aiming to offer students tips, advice, and knowledge to aid the shaping of our future career decisions. Join our committee to further your interpersonal skills through networking and connect with other likeminded students with professionals from the legal sphere.

5. Communication & Media

The Communication & Media Committee focuses on communication between Nexus Committees and our active members. Ensuring that communication is highly satisfactory – especially through our social media platforms and WhatsApp group chats. We uphold the responsibility of informing everyone of all upcoming events, dates, deadlines, webinars, the necessary books and much more… Keep your eyes peeled for us!

6. External Affairs

The External Affairs committee is responsible for organising events in collaboration with external organisations and entities. An integral role of the External Affairs Committee is entering into partnerships with other organisations and acquiring sponsorships that offer our members fantastic opportunities and discounts throughout the city of Groningen. Perhaps, the most important aspect of the committee is the responsibility of upholding a well-respected image of Nexus and the acquisition of contacts on behalf of all active Nexus members.

7. Journal

The Journal Committee is responsible for the publication of our bi-annual ‘Nexus Journal’, the magazine offers an insight into current events from the perspective of international and European Law, raising further awareness into the relevant legal issues. This year Nexus aims for the ‘Alumni magazine’ to make a grand debut comeback, showcasing some of our most special alumni and bringing you their words of wisdom.

8. Social Support

The Social Support committee aims at facilitating the integration and assimilation processes that so many of international students experience when living in the Netherlands.

9. Auditors

Our committee investigates and concludes the financial situation and reports from the General Board justifying the budget spent in various areas. The Auditor committee comprises of at least 2 members, known as the Auditors, who are selected by the General Board and approved at the annual General Assembly.

10. Podcast

The Podcast Committee is primarily responsible for recording and publishing the Nexus Student Podcast that touches upon a plethora of problems that law students encounter during their university endeavours.